We offer a  wide variety of services to fit your needs. Need a repair? We can help you. Want some remodeling work, or new construction of a home or building? We can do it. From kitchen to bathrooms, foundations, concrete, additions, framing, doors, windows. Anything you need, we can do it. Just let us know what you need or would like to schedule a in-home consultation. We look forward to hearing about your project. 


Kitchen Upgrade
They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where we eat, where we sleep, oh no wait. That’s not right, but you get the point. It’s where everything happens, from a delicious heart healthy breakfast, to dinner and drinks with friends and family. Pop Construction can make small upgrades to make your kitchen more modern or contemporary, vintage, eclectic, or whichever your taste is, or we can gut the entire kitchen and add new cabinets, countertops, and the whole works. Whether you just want something basic or you crave high caliber, purely custom Luxury, Pop Construction can build it for you.

bathroom and illumination Design by david millar. 

bathroom and illumination Design by david millar. 

Bathroom Upgrade
A bathroom should be comfortable, clean, and crisp. Because why not? Pop Construction can help you replace old or outdated fixtures, toilets, bath tubs, sinks or vanities. Need to build a new master bathroom, or turn a dingy outdated bathroom into a whole new space with a new face uplift, or you just want to choose a new paint color? We can help. 


Doors and Windows
Many older homes have single pane windows, and having new double pane windows installed can help reduce moisture around your window sill, and are more eco-friendly. We can install new doors and windows for you, or attempt to repair doors that maybe have cracks, dings, or missing paint chips. Or you just need someone to repaint your doors to any color that better matches your interior décor? Pop Construction has the experts for you. 


If you need help repairing or altering a foundation, Pop Construction has the experience and expertise to find the problem and repair it. We also do projects from start to finish, with foundations for additions. 


Is your home too small? Pop Construction can make extensions, or additions to your home. We can also add an accessory dwelling unit, also known as granny flats, or in-law apartment/studios, including the foundation.


New Decks
Perfect for get-togethers, Pop Construction can help you build an outdoor space and/or a deck. Because who doesn’t want to lounge in a beautiful outdoor space? And what a more perfect way to add value to your home than with a great deck. You know, because outdoor space in San Francisco is rather minimal in some areas. Bring on the Barbeques. Or the Wine. 


Pop Construction can erect anything you need. We can also change the bones of your home, or rearrange your home’s layout, open up the floorplan, or even turn two bedrooms into a grand Master Suite. Adding as little or as much luxe as you’d like.